Hot water extraction carpet cleaning

Mesa Carpet Cleaning through hot water extraction:

There are basically two types of carpet cleaning in Mesa, Arizona - Hot water extraction and the low moisture method. The low moisture method uses very little water, but it uses chemicals to clean your carpet. The chemicals are left behind and they attract dirt. Many people wonder why their carpet get so dirty so fast after having their carpets cleaned. This is most likely because the method used was low moisture carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning uses chemicals to loosen the dirt. Then the chemicals are completely flushed away and rinsed throught the hot water extraction process. And the steam created during hot water extraction will also kill 99.9% of all bacteria in your carpet. This lieaves your carpets cleaner and safer. You carpet will also stay cleaner much longer because the chemicals have been completely flushed from your carpet.

In the past many people chose low moisture carpet cleanign because of the drying time associated with hot water extraction,but new equipment has been able to produce dry times of around 2-3 hours with the hot water extraction method. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is the method preferred by most carpet manufacturers.

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